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BREANA (she/her) is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. After years of utilizing yoga to feel good, build physical and mental strength, and cope with her anxiety, she decided to take the next step and begin her journey to become a yoga teacher. She graduated from her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in January 2020 from Latitude Yoga Co. In addition to completing her teacher training, Breana is certified in cultivating compassion and teaching trauma informed yoga and mindfulness. Breana is passionate about creating and nurturing a safe community where everyONE and everyBODY can come together as their true authentic selves and improve their mental and physical wellness through yoga and meditation. Music powers her classes so don’t be surprised if she encourages you to indulge in a dance break in class!

Breana plans to pursue her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling soon and hopes to integrate the knowledge from her degree with the philosophy she gained through her yoga training to provide yoga-informed counseling to children, BIPOC, and anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing. When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, Breana can be found running her vegan cookie business (Baked by Bre), with her nose in a book, roller skating, or consumed with making the perfect yoga playlist.


ELENA started her yoga journey with Ren Fields in the 90’s as a from of exercise, but quickly realized the system of yoga was much more. Yoga offers one not only a physical practice that improves or maintains strength, balance and flexibility, but also offers one strategies for dealing with life’s challenges. In 2000, she realized teaching yoga would be a logical path to take as her public school teaching career was heading toward retirement. So she enrolled in The Healing Arts Yoga Center teacher training program and earned her RYT200. She loves sharing this practice with others and how awesome the yoga community is.  Her style is fairly eclectic, offering versions of poses that are accessible to all and tries to “Teach People, not Poses” as her mentor Mary Richards advises. She incorporates strengthening in some of her classes as a preventative to injury. She also loves to teach restorative and yin.

Elena lives in North Stafford with her husband of 45 years, her horse Wendy, dog Mo, and two cats and chickens. They have a 7-acre farm and are committed to preserving nature. The both enjoy growing vegetables and planting native pollinator friendly plants. Elena also enjoys kayaking and hiking.


JACKIE Has been practicing yoga since the age of 16 following in the footsteps of her aunt and grandmother. After joining with Latitude Yoga she decided to take RTY 200 training and completed it with her Latitude Yoga family. She has incorporated yoga lessons into her life with morning circle time, brain breaks, and even yoga lesson plans with her preschool students. Through her studies and teaching of yoga she hopes to help Every Body that comes to the mat. 


LIN Is a new yoga instructor having recently completed her RYT200 in June 2020 and excitedly making her yoga home with Latitude Yoga Studio. She deepened her love for the union of mind, breath and asana through intermittent years of practicing yoga and realized after a weekend at Yogaville, wanted to share this with others.  A lifetime of enjoying athletics, she adores what yoga and meditation can do for all.  She loves teaching vinyasa and a strength focused slow flow on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:45 and looks forward to sharing additional practices in the future.


LYNNE started practicing yoga in 2008 as a method of stress relief.  She received her 200-hour certification through Inner Power Yoga in 2014 and Curvy Yoga certification in 2015.  Throughout her practice she has gravitated toward the concepts of mindfulness, self-compassion, and finding balance on and off the mat. As an instructor, Lynne enjoys making yoga accessible for every student in the class, and loves seeing her students achieve things they never thought possible.


MARTI was teaching dance fitness classes at a local gym when she was asked to take over a weekly yoga class. Never one to turn down an opportunity or challenge she soon discovered the newfound freedoms that yoga offers of no judgment, no competition, no expectation and that yoga is for Every Body. She believes that anyone, at any age and body type can practice yoga, it is just a matter of finding what works for you. Marti is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She is also trained in trauma informed yoga, as well as sound and healing yoga. In her spare time she enjoys

hiking, roller-skating, and paddle boarding.

MATT began practicing yoga in Southern California and had practiced on and off for many years. In February 2019, Matt began incorporating Yoga into his fitness and wellness routine on a regular basis. Since that time Matt has come to love the yoga community in Stafford and practices regularly, continually working to improve his health and well being as well as his
spiritual being. Matt graduated from the Yax Yoga Teacher Training program in March 2020 and has taught yoga online, and in the studio


MICHELLE started recently teaching yoga, but has over twenty years of experience in yoga. Drawn to the arts of Yin and Restoritive yoga she fell in love with the quiet internal reflection of the movements. After having mastered the arts of inner peace and excel spreadsheets she decided to go on the ultimate journey, to become a yoga teacher. Giving the gift of yoga to as many people as are willing, for yoga is for Every Body.


MICHELLE Z began attending yoga classes in 2015 and immediately fell in love with all of the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits yoga provides. After just 4 months of practicing, Michelle knew she wanted to become a yoga instructor. In October 2017, she completed a 9-month, 235-RYT Hatha Yoga Certification at Yoga with an Edge in Hickory, NC. In December 2019, she completed a 12-month, C-HYI 300 Master certification through Holy Yoga Global, LLC. Yoga has been a tremendous blessing for Michelle, and she desires to help bless others through the practice. Added with a love of music, each class has an inspired playlist that is sure to relax, or energize the students. Michelle has experience teaching strength/cardio flow, deep stretch, slow flow, chair, beginners, corporate, and private practices.


MONICA teaches a variety of yoga formats: power yoga, family yoga, yoga for seniors, restorative yoga and more. In the Fall of 2018 she began her Yoga Teacher Training and started volunteering at her church teaching yoga in February 2019. In April 2019 she earned her CYT-200 hour yoga certification through Yax Yoga Concepts. Monica feels grateful to have learned the style of yoga that she teaches, a scientific-based approach at opening the body in the safest way possible, stretching the myofascial lines making her classes applicable for everyone. Her goal is for her students to leave class feeling strong, calm and centered.


Monica found yoga after years of suffering from chronic pain. She fell in love with the practice when she noticed that yoga not only eliminated her chronic pain but also enabled her to grow emotionally and spiritually supporting her mental health as well. Monica so greatly believes in the power of yoga to transform your life that she has made it her passion in life to teach others. Monica’s goal is to show that everybody can benefit from having a regular yoga practice in their lives. The positive mental and physical benefits stretch far beyond the mat and Monica loves sharing her personal testimony of how yoga has allowed her to live pain free on levels: physically, mentally & spiritually. She has enjoyed watching her own family, her husband and three children, benefit from incorporating yoga/mediation in their lives. She believes we have been given all the

tools in life to be the best version of ourselves and yoga is an invaluable tool to have.


Monica also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, loves astrology, digs rocks and stones, and views life as an adventure enjoying all the manifestations of her reality.


RON Fetherson served over 30 honorable years in the Marine Corps and 11 of those years as Marine Corps Sergeant Major, Senior Enlisted Adviser and Upon his retirement from the Marine Corps, he served 15 years as an Antiterrorism Officer as an Government Civil Servant for the Department of Defense, United States Marine Corps, Pentagon, Washington DC. Working at the Pentagon, Ron took up yoga and has been practicing yoga for over ten years. Ron completed, 200 Hour Teacher Training which is in compliance with the Yoga Alliance Standard. Ron has over 100 hours of teacher training, which includes instructing students, correct posture, and targeting specific individual needs to ensure maximum benefits and safety. Ron is a professional and motivated yoga instructor who believes in integrity and teamwork.

TARA ‘The bee is more honored than other animals not because she labors, but because she labors for others.' As a wife of a retired Navy service member and mother of three, being of service to others comes naturally for Tara. In 2016 she began her journey of self discovery and fitness through yoga. She immediately fell in love with all aspects of the practice which lead her to completing her RYT-200 hr training in Fredericksburg,VA in the summer of 2020. She looks forward to helping others create the mind-body-spirit connection through movement and breath while providing a space where students feel nurtured, supported and safe. Tara believes in teaching from the heart, creating classes that are welcoming and accessible to everybody. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!

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