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Latitude Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training is for those of you seeking something more. For some, it is a deepening of your personal practice; for others, it is learning tools to share yoga more broadly with the community. Whatever your intention, our teacher training program will provide you with amazing experiences to grow, transform and connect more fully with yourself and with others. Our program was created by studio owner, Rich Girven, and long-time yoga teacher and trainer, Alissa Rodgers, and designed to provide you with an enriching experience that fulfills the high standards set forth by the latest Yoga Alliance guidelines. You will be led by Rich and a group of other experienced teachers who are passionate about offering an effective approach to helping you gain a solid understanding of the yoga tradition, while also empowering you to cultivate the inner teacher that already exists inside you.


Over the course of our 5 weekends together, we will explore: 

• Asana (poses) – How to cue, transition, modify and assist a series of traditional postures and deepen our understanding of how postures are connected to personal health and well-being.

• Pranayama (life energy) – The power of the breath, the connection of breath to body, breath to movement and breath to the calming of the mind and spirit.

• Meditation – Practices of meditation and mindfulness through learning to quiet, focus and transform the patterns of the mind. 

• Anatomy & Physiology – An understanding of bones, muscles and movement patterns, so you are able to develop in yourself and others a deeper awareness in your practice that addresses strengths, weaknesses and imbalances.

• History of Yoga – The origin and evolution of yoga as we know it from before the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali were written to the present day, including the differences between what yogis of ancient times were seeking and what is entirely possible through the consistent practice of modern-day yoga in its many forms.

• Philosophy - The deeper meaning and connections that exist in the philosophy and teachings of the yoga sages and how to apply this wisdom to live a deeply satisfying life, happy, peaceful and fulfilled.

• Professional Development & Ethics – Understanding the possibilities of sharing yoga with others, the importance of ongoing self-care and the qualities and behaviors that make an ethical teacher.

• Practicum – Practicing what we learn in an empowering, supportive and feedback rich environment.


The program will unfold over five weekends.  Our in-person weekends are invaluable  and we recommend keeping time missed to a minimum.

March 11-13

April 8-10

May 13-15

June 3-5 

July 8-10  


We meet Friday evenings from 4-9pm & from 8am-6pm on Saturdays and 9am to 7pm on Sundays.


Along with our in-person weekends, your training tuition includes:

  • A comprehensive manual

  • A variety of elective workshops to help you focus more deeply on interest areas

  • Ongoing support and mentorship from Rich and other Latitude teachers

  • 5 months of free yoga at the studio beginning 3/1/2022

Tuition options:

-Paid in full - $2800 if paid by 2/28/2022; $3000 after March 1 ($450 deposit required at time of registration, remaining balance charged 3/1/2022)

-Payment plan - $450 deposit due by 2/28/2022; Balance due in equal payments over the months remaining, depending on deposit date.

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